Monday, November 7, 2011

No email from Elder Empey today but...

I did get an email from his cousin, Elder Dallin P. Call, who is serving in the Fortaleza Brazil Mission already for the past 14 months. Here is what Elder Call said in his email....

"This week was OK. We found some good investigators, but sadly in the end of the week none of them went to church, so for a lot of them it is back to square one. We had a good end to the transfer though. Working hard to get people to progress towards baptism and salvation. We did have one visitor at church on Sunday though, and we will be working a lot with her this week to see if she can be baptized on Sunday after the church meetings.

We also had the transfer calls. My comp went to Crato in the same zone here in Juazeiro, and my new companion will be an Elder Empey, from somewhere in Washington... YES, I will be training Reid! He will get to Fortaleza tomorrow, and then he will get here to Juazeiro Wednesday morning. I´m super excited to see him. This also means that we will both be staying here in Juazeiro for at least two transfers or 12 weeks. A Juazeiro CHRISTMAS!!!

I do have some sad news to add though. Due to the distance from here to Fortaleza our zone of 20 missionaries will not be able to go to the conference with Elder Bednar. I almost cried when I found this out on Saturday. But it´s ok. All will be well in the end. I know that the Lord sees us and our needs, and guess he decided that I don´t need to be there."

Some FUN stuff! Elder Empey will be thrilled that his first companion outside of a Missionary Training Center will be his cousin, and that he may even get to participate in a baptism soon! He will be disappointed to learn that they won't be able to see Elder Bednar, but who knows maybe they will get to see him, somehow.
And we will be able to talk to both of them on Christmas. My sister and I are going to have fun figuring out how to get flat gifts to them so they won't take forever to get there.....maybe we'll take pictures of his presents that he will get when he gets home....probably not a real fun idea to him!
But I had to share with everyone!

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