Monday, December 5, 2011

11/29/2011 Quick Lettre from Juazeiro

So, this week I ACTUALLY don´t have much time to write. My computer´s had some problems, and my letter to my mission president might have been deleted...dang, I think it did....

Well, this week has been hard. Again:) Might as well get used to it! Actually, I think that it´s good to know that all missions are hard, even the ones that everybody says you will baptize a lot in. It´s encouraging:)

I really do love you all, even though this is a very short letter today. I hope that you are well. I am doing fine, and I am seeking to rely on the Lord in His work. I know that He lives, and that He wants to help all of us with our trials. Seek after Him, and you will find relief and rest in His will, His commandments, His mercy, and His grace. What a wonderful knowledge that we get to have:)

Really quick, here is my Christmas list (or, at least, all that I can remember right now):
  • green ointment (I think that I left my big container in São Paulo. It will be good for you to know, however, that I left it because it was out of my bags AND I WAS USING IT. So, please send me another if you can. I´m sorry...)
  • Pilot G-2´s - Just can´t have enough of them. I wrote over 120 pages in my study journal in the MTCs, so I need more. Please don´t send me .7´s, and actually I´ve discovered that I really like the .38 because they´re really thin.
  • Pictures of all of you, and pictures of my friends too! Actually, you can probably just send them in emails. Please actually get everyone to send me pictures, or to you so that you can send them to me. I really want and need them, because everyone asks to see the pictures that I have, and I don´t have very many! I will be printing the ones you just sent me off here, so please, send me more!
  • I can´t remember anything else right now, but as I think of things, I will write them down, and send them next week. Sorry!
Anyway, I love you all so very much. If you have questions that you really need answered (like, doctrinal or personal questions), ask Heavenly Father. Elder Bednar said that if you learn one thing from having one experience to ask a General Authority questions, you should learn that you don´t need a General Authority to answer it for you. Ask Heavenly Father, and He will answer. (And keep asking, searching the scriptures, going to church, the temple, etc. so that you can receive your answer when He tells it to you, k? K:) )

Love you all tons and scoops,
Elder Reid Empey

P.S. Claire, you can use some of my sweats if you want, but you´re going to have to fight Mom for the keyboard:) Whoever wins can use it, as long as the keyboard itself doesn´t get broken in the process:)

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