Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots of Walking, Lots of Work, Lots of Blessings, Lots of Love:)- Beira Mar

Hello, all!

This week was crazy. I have learned so much in this past week, and I
am learning more and more every day.

My companion, Elder Baptista, is a very hard worker. He walks with a
purpose, AKA ``very quickly,´´ and I have felt more sore from just
walking than I have ever felt on the mission so far:) But, it´s a good
think, and I am glad to feel that we are putting in all of our might
and strength that we can to do the Lord´s work.

Last P-Day, at night, we went to the house of Suely. Four of her
children were taught and baptized by Elder Call and Elder Baptista,
and she had not yet been baptized. But, when we got there, her
daughters answered the door, and then she came out, and said that she
wanted to be baptized! The situations impeding her from being baptized
changed, and she didn't want to hesitate at being baptized now that it
was possible for her. So, we re-taught and reviewed the lessons and
the commandments for her, and she was baptized this past Saturday!

Also, a girl who has been going to church for a long time (she was
considered an ``eternal investigator´´) decided to be baptized as
well! Her name is Thatiana, and she told us when we got to church on
Sunday, we called the zone leaders, they conducted her interview
during Sunday School, and she was baptized after church.

I am out of time! This week has been full of experiences and things
that happened, and I am so grateful to be here. I am excited for the
weeks to come in this area:)

I love you all so very, very much! Keep moving forward, and keep on
praying! One of my favorite sayings is, ``Pray as if it were all up to
the Lord, then get up off of your knees and work as if it were all up
to you.´´ When we remember Him, and to ask for His help, it isn't
always so much that the things we need or want to happen just happen,
as much as that we put forth all of the effort we can, He augments
and expands and exponentializes our efforts to the point that they are
sufficient to achieve what is needed. It is His grace that saves us,
``after all that we can do,´´ as well as THROUGH all that we can do.
And as each day passes, and with each effort we put forward, we draw
closer to Him as we act with His help, His support, and His love.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


Elder Reid Powell Empey

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