Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Wishes, Temple Dedications, and the Same Old Heat!


I am almost out of time, but here´s a quite update for this week:

My new companion and I worked hard this week looking for new people to teach, and me showing him the area. It has been a bit of a challenge now that I need to know what street we´re on and things like that, but we were able to get things figured out fine.

Happy Birthday to Joslyn Empey, my sister who can now legally drive! And also date, which is more than a little bit weird if not scary for me....It´s crazy how fast the time flies! I love you very much, and I wish you a happy, happy birthday, and a good, fun, exciting week as you and Mom get ready to go to Germany (My older sister Geneil is having a baby girl, and Mom and Joslyn will be over there in Germany to be a support to her. And to have a great time in Europe!).

My birthday is this week, June 10, which is this next Sunday. It´s actually the temple dedication of the temple in Manaus, Brazil! So, I get to watch the temple dedication on my birthday. What a great present! I will be turning 20, which it strange....I have the personal opinion that the difference between 19 and 20 is almost infinitely larger than the difference between 18 and 19. I will no longer be a teenager! CRAZY!!!

Anyway, I really have to run now, but I love you all! Things are busy, and interesting, and always a time to thank Heavenly Father for every day, every experience that He gives me. What a blessing it is to know that He loves us, and wants to best for us, and will help us as we seek after His goodness and His counsel.

I love you all!


Elder Reid Powell Empey

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