Monday, July 9, 2012

From a New Area: Sitio São João!

Hey, everyone!

I was transferred! I am now in the area Sitio S鉶 Jo鉶, Castel鉶 Stake, and my companion is Elder Johnny! He in not an American, even though his name seems like it:) He's from an area called Riber鉶 Preito, which is close to Sao Paulo. I am very excited for this transfer, and for the new experiences that we are going to have.

I am sad to say that I really have to go, because my time is almost up, but keep moving forward, do what's right, and the Lord is always there right along beside you. Also, good job Josh and Dad for surprising my family with my Dad showing up in Germany unannounced! Like we say like in "The Incredibles," ``I love our family....!"

Tchau, tchau!


Elder Reid Powell Empey

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