Monday, July 2, 2012

Wow, really fast!


This week was a good one. Just quick, let me tell you one cool thing that happened:

We are teaching the brother of a member, and we were at his house this week. His cousin lives in the same house, and his friend was there with him so that they could study together. They love studying English, so they naturally wanted to talk to me. Anyway, we started to try to teach them, but they had to leave before we got anywhere. We invited them to go to church, like we do with everyone. They said that they would have to see, and didn´t promise anything (basically everyone says that here). So, I honestly didn´t expect anything.

We got to church after we passed by the house of a less-active member to pick him up, and the meeting started. Halfway through, Hélio, a member, came up to us and whispered to us that his cousin and his friend were there! I was so surprised, and I hope that we get to work with them more this week. They are both young, but they seem like very nice, bright people. We´ll have to wait and see!

I love you all! Take good care of yourselves:)

Love always,

Elder Reid Powell Empey

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