Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy 2013! - From Maranguape

Hello, all. 
I hope that you are having a wonderfullly, awesomely, splenderific day! I know my sister Joslyn is, because she's still out of school on break:)

So, this week was great. Oh, sorry, by the way, that I didn't send an email last week. I was a bit too busy talking to my FAMILY!!! On Skype:) It was awesome:)

This week was good because of Christmas and all (by the way, I got my Christmas package, Mom. I finally ate one of those giant Reese's today, and it was amazing. And, please tell my companion that the other one is for him. He refuses to believe that it's for him, and insists that I eat it), but it was still challenging. My companion, Elder Tibbitts, is having some very difficult health challenges. He has had a headache for nearly five weeks, and it hasn't gone away. He already got a tomography, with and without contrast, and a CT scan, but everything checked out normal. We are not sure what to do, especially because we did what the doctor said and rested this past week and took some other medicines, but it didn't really help. Please keep him in your prayers so that we can find the solution. The Missionary Department is working on it right now.

Jacinta was confirmed yesterday, and her two older kids finally went. Also, Márcio, a young man who is 19, is getting baptized this Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday! He's awesome, and I'm so excited for his decision to do the right thing.  Please pray for him as well, that he can have the strength he needs to confront the difficulties that he is facing and will continue to face. Pray for Jacinta as well!

I love you all so very much! Have a wonderful week, and don't forget that I'm thinking about you, and pray and hope for the best for you all!

With love as always,

Elder Reid Powell Empey

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