Monday, March 26, 2012

I got a really funny eamil from Elder Empey today! I just HAD to Share it!

The MOM comments are in pink...

Mom, I have a confession to make. You will laugh so hard when you hear this...(and I DID laugh hard!)....yes, Mother. I didn't look thoroughly enough when you asked, even though you must have asked me a thousand times, (Actually, only a dozen times..) and I said, ``No, they're not with me," every time. But, this past week, I discovered the truth. How did I discover it? As I attempted to put on on of my pairs of pants, I realized that the waist was quite loose, and that was a bit unusual. Then, as I looked closer, I discovered that they were Van Heusen!. And then, it hit me: the pants that I thought this whole time were another pair of mine are, in fact, not. They are yours, Mom:) (What a hilarious visual!) The pair you told me to keep looking for...I'm sorry:) I'm not sure what it is that you would like me to do with them, because shipping is a bit of a hassle here. Anyway, SURPRISE! I have your pants, and I am very glad to now have a little something to remind me of my wonderful mother:) 

 When we took him to the Provo MTC, we washed his jeans that morning, along with mine.  I reminded him he needed to get them out of the dryer and that my jeans were with his. Somehow, he missed the part about my jeans, and I guess he was saving "that extra pair of pants" to use later.....Surprise! is right! I asked my sister a few times if she had found them in her house somewhere and she never did. That is because they are in Brazil.  I even asked him while he was in Provo.  This just makes me laugh! I told him to think of it as a way I "strengthened" him.....he has had to haul that extra 3 pounds around with him everywhere.  :) SO FUNNY! I am still laughing! I told him to cut off a pocket and keep it with him as a reminder of me...and give or throw the rest away!

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